Location Services, Consulting and Strategy

Any region in the world brings macro issues, different operating costs and bureaucratic procedures to establish a business. Matters like taxes, clusters, legal environment, the economy, and political stability. Also elements that are subject to negotiation and field work like recruiting talent, sites, banking or government incentives. 

A location selection is often underestimated and very few companies have dedicated processes for international expansions. Choosing the wrong location can be costly and damaging to your business. Corporations seek the best area & site where their operations and investment should be carried out with the best monetary return and least number of problems. 


Challenge - Mission - Vision



A new expansion and the location decision of an overseas investment to a new market is one of the most important decisions corporate management face.


Through customised solutions we

deliver the best outcome for every


Our Mission


Coordinate your expansion and benchmark all relevant global locations and sites to select the optimal location for your business through an efficient methodology.

We understand our responsibility to

communities and the environment, we

are determined to contribute with

social service and environmental

protections initiatives.



We deliver solutions to enhance

return on investment and raise


Our company is committed to

delivering on the real needs

during the expansion process and

setting the highest standards. 

Tailored Analysis and Benchmarking


Employing a thorough methodology and location comparison data tools to minimize risks associated with selecting the best location for your business. Our services are not “off-the-shelf”, they are customised to your business model and plans for expansion.

Government Negotiation and Site Search


Dealing with appropriate government authorities, real estate agents and all involved commercial partners during the decision-making process. We will represent your company through the entire expansion process until the company is established successfully. 

Coordinating Your Global Expansion


Supporting and managing your entry to a new international market with location services a precise step-to-step process, practical advice, tools and introductions to key commercial (accountants, recruitment agencies...) and governmental partners to speed up market entry & business establishment.