our BRIDGE for your Global Expansion

Business Location Consulting is a global expansion and location advisory firm. We are committed to supporting company expansions to a new market with practical advice, tools and introductions to key commercial partners & government agencies which will speed up your market entry and business establishment. 

Our company is independent from government authorities or other organizations with local interests, fully unbiased in its advice. Our company works in collaboration with a network of local contacts and partners to execute a smooth expansion. 

Along with our local and global partners we provide in-depth knowledge of investment conditions and information sources in key business locations around the world. We have developed an effective methodology and tools for location analysis that have been successfully applied in numerous projects across different industries and geographies.


Member of the Site Selectors Guild

Founded by Elias van Herwaarden who has assisted over 650 companies in cross-border projects for over 30 years. He has conducted corporate expansion and footprint optimization for different office types at Deloitte and PwC.